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In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.



Execution Style of both the lives and the deaths of Adam Mekki, Mohammed Omar, and Muhannad Tairab.


The Muslim Student Union at the University of California, Irvine demands justice and accountability for the heinous murders of Adam Mekki (20), Mohamed Taha Omar (23), and Muhannad Tairab (17). As such, we mandate that the Fort Wayne Police Department conduct a full investigation by use of all available federal, state, and city resources of the inhumane murders of #ourthreebrothers.


On Wednesday, February 24th, our three Muslim brothers were found dead, “execution style” in an abandoned house in Fort Wayne with multiple gunshots in each body.


Only small, local media outlets gave coverage to the story. It was not until Sunday, 4 days after their murders, that any major news outlets picked up the story. It cannot be ignored that these 3 young men killed were Black and Muslim in a time of heightened Islamophobia and criminalization of young black men.


Major Muslim organizations did not give attention to the issue until 4 days after. Too often the lives of Arabs are prioritized over the lives of our black and brown Muslim brothers and sisters. In order to progress forward as a strong Muslim Ummah we must acknowledge our weaknesses and make conscious strides towards equality.


May Allah grant Jannah al Firdous for our three brothers, Adam Mekki, Mohamed Omar, Muhannad Tairab; and provide patience for their families. Ameen.


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