Dawah Day


On March 5, 2013 MSU held its first Dawah Day. Dawah Day was an all-day event where students and faculty on campus came to learn about Islam from MSUers on campus through two minute presentations about three topic in Islam: 5 Pillars of Islam, Prophets in Islam with emphasize on Jesus, and the Purpose of Life according to Islamic teachings. There were three tables, simultaneously, presenting the three aforementioned topics to participants. After going through the three presentations, participants then took a six question quiz. If they got at least four of the six questions correct, they were rewarded with free food including pizza, ethnic foods and yummy baked goods.

Dawah Day provided Muslim students the opportunity to educate UCI students and faculty about Islam in an interactive manner. In addition, it allowed non-Muslim students to meet Muslim students on campus and allowed them to ask any question they had have about Islam and Muslims. Lastly, it was an opportunity for the UCI campus to see Muslim Student Union as a valuable resource on campus and its members as a vital part of this campus.


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