Prayer Times

Dhuhr: 1:00pm/1:10pm
Asr: 5:00pm/5:10pm
Maghrib: Sunset + 10 minutes (Approx. 7:05)
Isha: 8:00/8:10pm

The Muslim Student Union is an organization that uniquely ties its religious goals into every event and activity it hosts. The MSU aims to provide a venue for Muslim students on the UCI campus to practice their religion and to grow spiritually. Encouraging an enhanced spiritual connection, many students find the religious services provided to be the most important aspect provided to them on campus.




Congregational prayers

The MSU has been able to establish a location on campus for at least 3 of the 5 daily prayers, making the Muslim experience at UCI easier for students who need to fulfill their obligation of prayer throughout the day. After each congregational prayer a brief reminder is shared about the importance of remembering God, helping those in need, enjoining the good, forbidding the evil and taking practical steps to struggle to improve one’s character. Daily congregation prayers are held outside the Cross Cultural Center.



Jummah Prayer at Interfaith

Every Friday, in place of dhur (afternoon) prayer, Muslims pray a congregational prayer or Jumuah prayer. This prayer is preceded by a short Khutbah or sermon. Jumuah prayer is offered at every mosque, just as the daily prayers, and is also offered on campus by the MSU:

Where: Interfaith Trailer
When 1:00 PM -1:50 PM


Islamic Classes

Weekly classes and one time seminars are hosted on a variety of topics, from the correct way to read the Qur’an to a class on the life of the Prophet Muhammad, expounding lessons that can be applied to improving one’s character and implementing his example in one’s daily life, to a seminar about purifying the heart, with the purpose of helping each individual to grow spiritually.


Ask a Muslim Booth

Regularly there is an “Ask a Muslim” booth set up on Ring Road to encourage religious discourse and dialogue. Muslim students answer numerous students’ questions about Islam, ranging from explaining its basic tenets to describing the empowering role of women in Islam or the true honored place of Jesus (peace be upon him) in Islamic tradition.


Islam Awareness Month

The MSU hosts an annual event dedicated to Islam awareness on campus with the goal of encouraging dialogue about religion and of raising awareness about Islam. Events have drawn overwhelming numbers, including “Hijab Day”, in which women on campus were encouraged to try the Muslim headscarf for a day and a Fastathon, which encouraged students and faculty to fast for a day while making sandwiches for OC’s homeless and then break their fast together in the evening with a free dinner.

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